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Leather and denim hand painted jacket, denim hand painted flares with striped half neck 

20230330_134049000_iOS 71.jpg

Sheer harlequin gown with harlequin sleeves 

20230330_134049000_iOS 13.jpg
20230330_134049000_iOS 9.jpg

Yellow Mongolian fur coat, wide leg yellow trousers, yellow half neck top, floral boxers and orange boot

20230330_134049000_iOS 56.jpg
20230330_134049000_iOS 55.jpg

Mixed black lace fish tailed dress

20230330_134049000_iOS 72.jpg
20230330_134049000_iOS 64.jpg

Men's harlequin top, men's harlequin leggings, hot pink hare mask, leather green boots, skinny harlequin tie 

felted owl brooch, women's harlequin top, women's harlequin leggings, green thigh high boots  


felted mask and broach in collaboration with @anotherearthlings

20230330_134049000_iOS 32.jpg
20230330_134049000_iOS 75.jpg
20230330_134049000_iOS 49.jpg
20230330_134049000_iOS 44.jpg

Denim red/yellow twin stitched floor length trench 

20230330_134049000_iOS 47.jpg
20230330_134049000_iOS 7.jpg

Denim Mongolian jeans , 

hand painted vest, hand painted mini scarf 

20230330_134049000_iOS 15.jpg
20230330_134049000_iOS 16.jpg

Patchwork harlequin tee 

20230330_134049000_iOS 20.jpg
20230330_134049000_iOS 21.jpg

Crochet skull cap in collaboration with @Maddyrara, flared trouser, skinny harlequin tie 

20230330_134049000_iOS 29.jpg
20230330_134049000_iOS 58.jpg

Cropped Mongolian pink coat, harlequin mini skirt, micro stripe tee

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